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Periodical of Ying La electron (2007.12)
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Engle company still plans to go out with Mold-master company cooperation much model antrum inject shapes dosage is optimal flow path system, nozzle is in all needle entity a powerful person accurately to be opened for a short while together, be full of continuously model antrum. E-Mo-tion of complete electron of X-Melt technology and this company notes model machine to cooperate, the ultrathin project that can produce small exact size is plastic component.

PETPack develop a success with white dye

Development of Holand company HollandColours goes a kind of white that the name is HolcomerUHT new-style dye. This are new the product is used technically at producing superhigh temperature milk to pack to use monolayer PET plastic bottle. This kind of new-style dye can protect the packing composition such as milk to be not come from exterior the ultraviolet light effect that system of the lighting when perhaps storing produces. And the aesthetic exterior that Holcomer can make generation of PET plastic bottle very good and better mechanical performance.

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