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Periodical of Ying La electron (2007.12)
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Canada rolls out high speed ultrathin goods notes model technology

Canadian Enslt company rolls out X-Melt new technology recently, it is a kind of high speed notes model new technology. Period the characteristic shapes for inject inside length of going from place to place sectional and special small, can machine a wall thick the component that is 0.8mm of 0.1mm ~ only, length of going from place to place / the wall is large than can be as high as 400 ∶ 1.

Inject of this kind of high speed shapes technology, the requirement is plastic energy of fuse-element itself keep in storage, fuse-element is empty before screw occasional is compressed beforehand in the system inside hot flow path. When the nozzle of needle entity a powerful person that when thermal current is opened, fuse-element is compressed to expand quickly inside a few seconds beforehand inside mould antrum, finish charge a pattern.

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