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Periodical of Ying La electron (2007.12)
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ABICInnovation is plastic roll out electronic screen class composite material

SABIC plastic company turns composite material of special type of series of LNPFaradex of electronic screen class formally to the market. This kinds of new-style composite material is had exceed numerous screen function, can help electronic product manufacturer produce quality the high-powered electron part with lighter, smaller crust.

Have this kinds of composite material of 5 kinds of new names, use polycarbonate and propylene nitrile - butadiene - the mixture polymer of styrene. This product is not adding content of stainless steel fiber, maintain cost level and the condition that ease electronic component weight to fall, offer more outstanding electromagnetism to disturb / radio frequency to disturb screen function. Among them, 3 kinds of brands are used without bromine, without chloric fire retardant, accord with an European Union to abandon old electron electric equipment and harmful material are restricted to wait for environmental protection code with the instruction; Additional two kinds of brands are used blame is flame retardant material, have taller anti-impact properties than foregoing Faradex composite material.

New LNP Faradex material has outstanding production advantage, compare with photograph of common the plastic product that note model, these brand-new composite material need not the fabricating with high cost, can provide outstanding screen function, hopeful reachs the domain such as telecommunication to apply extensively in crust of equipment of car, electron.
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