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Periodical of Ying La electron (2007.12)
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Final result and discuss: DMP-30, HMTA, 2-MZ is right phenolic aldehyde of form of 3 kinds of lines / the solidify of system of A80 annulus oxygen all has stimulative effect, along with temperature linear of logarithm of elevatory gel time drops, join a quantity to increase gel time logarithm along with accelerant - temperature curve to microtherm direction translation; With 2-MZ(0.1 portion) as accelerant, the solidify temperature limits of system of A80 of solidify of phenolic aldehyde of form of 3 kinds of lines all is 150 ℃ around, among them the solidify temperature range of BPFN/A80 system is wider make an appointment with 55 ℃ , 2h falls in 150 ℃ condition but solidify is complete.

The car uses new-style polyamide 6 composite material

The new-style polyamide that Germany mixes company of J&A Plastics matching trade to roll out a kind to be used technically at car cable conduit to design - 6 (PA-6) brand. This kind of brand still can apply at scuttle and the crust of the electric drill that do not have a rope. The trade name of this kind of new material calls   of Anjamid 6 J250-T2/GF ' TripleTwo ' , have Gaokang to develop property of function, tall tigidity and high flow, it can be used at producing Bao Bi and chief body part, still apply at asking the height of fast face function uses functional device at the same time.
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