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Periodical of Ying La electron (2007.12)
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Electromagnetism induction heats the technical application in plastic machinery

Plastic industry competition is very at present intense, how to reduce product cost, enhance the competition ability of the product, it is the problem of a core that every enterprise faces, and electric energy has very large proportion in cost of plastic industry product, use electromagnetism heats technology can product of significant cut company produces cost, enhance competition ability.

Electromagnetism heats the technology is one kind uses electromagnetism induction principle to change electric energy the technology that is heat energy. Electromagnetism controller 220V, the alternating current commutate of 50/60Hz becomes dc, it is dc changeover the report of high frequency high pressure of 20-40KHz into frequency again, the electric current of high frequency high pressure that high speed changes has shed coil to be able to produce what high speed changes to hand in change magnetic field, pass the meeting when permeability metal stuff to generate countless little vortex flow inside metallic body when the lines of force inside magnetic field, make high speed of proper motion of metallic stuff itself calorific, achieve thereby heat the thing inside canister of metallic stuff stuff.

The advantage of electromagnetism heater and characteristic have: (1) energy-saving effect is good. Heat than former resistor silk effect of the report that encircle a section is in 30% above, relative to the product with different raw material, different production, section report effect changes somewhat. But efficiency of electricity of the section in the product that already using at present can be amounted to most 75% . (Effect of 2) environmental protection is good. Can drop environmental temperature significantly. (Service life grows 3) . Heat only 100 ℃ control a successive moving temperature, nonexistent heat a changing problem. Relative to Yu Yuan resistor silk heats reduced investment 2 times. (4) can raise product yield. Because the calorific efficiency of this product is tall, can reduce heating up time significantly, raise product yield, do not have any influences and change to producing craft, operating sequence formerly. Electromagnetism heater applies extensively already at plastic treatment to reach its similar heat industry
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