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Periodical of Ying La electron (2007.12)
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Group of aircraft of sea sky model rolls out servo energy-saving the machine that note model

Research and development of success of group of aircraft of sea sky model popularized completely dynamoelectric series to record model machine, rolled out servo further on this foundation energy-saving the sufficient affirmation that record model machine and gets the market. The conformity with this perfect machine system of traditional hydraulic pressure and dynamoelectric the advantage of the machine that note model, in cost promotion not much circumstance falls, realized nicety of energy-saving environmental protection, closed circuit, answer fast, noise low characteristic.

Sea day servo is energy-saving series of HTFW 1/J5 of the machine that note model, with design of mature HTF series platform, lade motivation of high-powered servo electromotor controls a system, in assure the repetition of 0.3% below precision premise, intelligent closed circuit outputs power according to effective demand, achieve energy-saving result from basic sense, reduce the laden capacity to electrified wire netting. As a result of the sources of energy of loss of machine no use reduce considerably, make the machine is less than 45 ℃ in environmental temperature the following, need machine cooling water far from. In using a process actually, energy-saving effect photograph is compared common the machine that note model can achieve 40 ~ 60% .

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