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Periodical of Ying La electron (2007.12)
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Department Of Mechanical And Automation Engineering, national Kaohsiung First University Of Science And Technology,

2 Juoyue Road, nantsu, kaohsiung, taiwan, ROC.

Yang Wei of university of Beijing chemical industry civilian professor lab interpreter

Summary: ⑸ Su still the 6 Su that slaughter ⑸ still swallows Sui of cook of  of plaque of elder brother of hole of persimmon of broken branch of ぶ of V of the member that protruding  denounces reason of sacrificial meat of Wo of awl of Xing Zhen wash to thank deficient of Piao of bad astounded eye to awl kiss raised paths between fields urinate reason is ascended it is difficult to thank frequency of bad Chong Piao core earnestly, 1) , through measuring model the pressure with bit more certain antrum is forecasted immediately model the fill cubage of antrum, then controls switch of fill squeezing ramming. Because method of this kind of control is basis antrum pressure,will control switch aspect, control is consequently more accurate, can control the quality of goods very well. Experimental result also shows this kind of new switch controls a method to be able to get the method issues more consistent goods weight comparing groovy control.

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