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Periodical of Ying La electron (2007.12)
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Department Of Physics, university Of Ulsan, ulsan 680 749, south Korea

Ilkwang Co. Ltd. 1178-6 Goyon-ri, ungchon-mueon, ulju-gun 689 871, south Korea

Received 26 December 2006; Accepted 13 February 2007

Yang Wei of university of Beijing chemical industry civilian professor lab interpreter

Summary: Widow vomit fat is wet; Carry of benzyl of person of  of dredge of care of joyous glow of Bu of さ angry  ancients name for a water catltrop the banter end herd that extensive of  of Chi of  of  of leave uncovered of grave of magpie of Lv of shovel of ⒀ of Luo of Shi of ⒑ of  of the Song Dynasty of Gan of slope of black of  of the Song Dynasty of Huang of melt ill will carbylamine makes  washs に of  of  goody hoarse to ancient name for a water catltrop mill You, this is by natural fiber and thermoplastic plastic between undesirable adhesiveness causes. In the meantime, energy-saving become very important with the relation of car air conditioning. In the article, coefficient of thermal conductivity, tensile strength mixes a few kinds thermoplastic composite material includes the polypropylene of 50% (PP) with 50% natural fiber (of NF) be out of shape the radiate that passes electron beam will detect. The length of PP and NF and ply are 80 10mm and 40-120 μ M respectively. The result shows coefficient of thermal conductivity and tensile strength were changed, what change when electron beam is 10kGy is the smallest change, be out of shape the decrescent after because electron beam is in,also heating up a loop.
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