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Periodical of Ying La electron (2007.12)
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Yang Wei of university of Beijing chemical industry civilian professor lab interpreter

Summary: Refute Shou is earnestly domesticate to return  delicacy and extensive plants ticket Fu a surname holds  of violet the Song Dynasty of Tan arrogate to oneself to flinch a surname of annals of Di of  of Cou of ┠ of  of = of ā of travel Х any of several hot spice plants holds Mo to wide Shou of ü  refute is ǔ of health Mu any of several hot spice plants to bask in Fu Na of  of χ frequency trade: Lai of Fu of an ancient unit of weight of Lv of angry of  of Hun of Su of T of head brandish Jin revive Wu ┚ a surname holds Shou of refute of Mei Gao of τ of Tuo of ⒑ of the bank in mace mother children's hair to fear fettersing therefore solid of Piao of Qiao of A of Mou Wen  sends Ge to be like Qiang of border of Ke of sour of serve of Nai of an ancient nationality in China of Lu  rostellum

Keyword: Refute Shou is

Refute Shou isIf you need full text to ask with " Ying La " editorial office connection]

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