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Periodical of Ying La electron (2007.12)
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Institute Of Industrial Science, the University Of Tokyo, 153-8505 Tokyo, japan

H. Yokoi

Center For Collaborative Research, the University Of Tokyo, 153-8505 Tokyo, japan

POLYM. ENG. SCI. , 46:1590 – 1597, 2006. 2006 Society Of Plastics Engineers

Yang Wei of university of Beijing chemical industry civilian professor lab interpreter

Summary: Widow gull whoop does thick frequency of ⒏ of engrave of scoop up with a dust pan flinch τ confusing chews Cong Jiaobei  to wish does predestined relationship of silkworm of earnestly of phlegmy hard core confuse thick ping   of a big round shallow basket of the market that chew a clump?  of model ǜ thick ping covers live abroad of moisture in the soil of Tuan of lift up of border of  of leap up of moisture in the soil scandium benzene the vitreous prism that goes up in the mould through installation will observe the behavior of going from place to place of mould of 蠽 of  of  of Di of Piao of Si of  of school of scull of flute of J of ā of any of several hot spice plants of Mu of У of travel of harmony appropriate Ban groove; Also use a join to have long-range binoculars at the same time exceed high speed camera. Experimental result discovers, in open standard antrum, it is 100 μ M when the span of V groove, when inject rate is 50 Cm3/s, fuse-element connects regular meeting to be finished inside a few millisecond that fuse-element has shed to the fill of V groove. But when the pitch when V groove reduces 50 μ M, fill process slows, because this charges modular rate,also reduce. In above two kinds of circumstances fall, the fill of the fuse-element in groove is met quicken as the raising of inject rate, also brought those who charge modular rate to rise likewise. Additional, the experiment is right to mould temperature and modular antrum ply fill model diagnostic influence also undertook study. Visible analysis technology makes research and a kind of when the process duplicates in improving inject to shape powerful tool.
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