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Plastic inject machine purchases announcement (1.2)
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What belong to an industry: Mechanical Electromechanical
Be in an area: Guangdong
Issue date: 2008-1-2
Date of expiration: 2008-1-11
Mark dispatch content: My center is made with respect to the mould now purchase a project to undertake emulative negotiation means is purchased with solid train equipment, the domestic legal entity that welcomes to accord with a qualification comes round to seek advice register.
One, purchase content
Plastic inject machine 1
2, admittance qualification
1, have independent corporate organization, can assume civil responsibility independently, register fund 500 thousand yuan of not less than RMBs;
2, the scope of operations that has door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to allow.
Note: This project does not accept combination to bid.
3, get purchase a file
Time: Came on December 29, 2007 on January 9, 2008 (on Saturday, day except)
In the morning 8: 30 - 12: 00 Afternoon 2: 00 - 5: 30
4, the project answers doubt
This project is not organized answer doubt is met.
5, hand over purchase a file
When Between: On January 11, 2008 afternoon 3: 00 before
6, time of open sealed tenders
When Between: On January 11, 2008 afternoon 3: 00
7, get purchase a file to need to know
Carry the following data and U please dish (so that send,put electronic document) , extend via giving after my center examine and verify is eligible.
1, original of carbon of legal person business charter and photocopy (build official seal) .
The original that * gets the supplier that purchases a file to take equipment place to require certificate please deals with scanning to put on record to my center formalities, in put on record period inside a year, what the similar terms that get looks identical aptitude asks is portable the photocopy that agrees with equipment case.
If * supplier certificate is being changed card or year careful, offer concerned section please change testimony or year careful proof.
The detail is asked with " Chinese invite public bidding purchases information network " Wang Xuan Connection
Phone: 010-51522885 13146888147
Network address:

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