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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.2)
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Article number: 3047

DPE gas assists what inject shapes to classification crystallization structure

Guo-Qiang Zheng, li Huang, wei Yang, bin Yang, ming-Bo Yang, qian Li, chang-Yu Shen

Summary: To understand gas auxiliary inject shapes of goods classification crystallization configuration, this article studied gas assists inject to shape of goods classification structure and crystallization configuration. The osmosis that the goods that the goods that shapes through assisting gas inject and groovy inject shape undertakes comparative discovering gas can apparent addition cuts rate. As a result of surface layer, inferior polite way is in surface layer those who cut rate is different, they part stratification shape, hotpot clusters shape and common and bulbiform orientaton form. In the meantime, cooling rate also is having main effect to the formation of orientaton condition.
Keyword: Gas assists inject to shape; Gas is permeated; Hotpot strings together a structure

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Article number: 3064

Mould surface quality is affected to what small injection shapes

C.A. Griffiths, s.S. Dimov, e.B. Brousseau, r.T. Hoyle
Manufacturing Engineering Centre, cardiff University, cardiff CF25 3AA, UK

Summary: Small injection shapes is the crucial technology that miniature structure shapes, it is batch production has economic benefits production methods one kind of wide application. To manufacture technology certainly, small injection shapes to had gotten systematic research. In this research, discussed all sorts of factors of influence flow behavior, especially the influence that convection of mould surface quality uses act. The pattern that uses in the experiment has same geometrical figure but exterior quality is different, experimental stock is PP, ABS and PC. Through changing craft parameter (fuse-element temperature, mould temperature and inject speed) will study convection of mould surface surface roughness grows the influence with product quality.
Keyword: Small injection shapes; Product quality; Exterior quality

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Article number: 3065

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