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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.2)
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Summary: Pulverous space maintains implement (PSH) shape with pulverous inject (PIM) the reticulate structure that advantage of an industry competition can produce small hole product namely. In the article, use PSH namely - stainless steel of austenite of PIM process production is small aperture goods. Carry data as the space with bulbiform PMMA particle, the average volume that studied PMMA and fragment are small to austenite stainless steel the influence of the frit knot property of aperture goods. The result shows, the average volume of PMMA and fragment can be used to control its property.
Keyword: Pulverous inject shapes; 316L stainless steel is pulverous; Poriferous metal

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Article number: 3052

Inject shapes imitate reachs the numerical value of the process to build a model beforehand

Guy Courbebaisse
LRPP, ERT 10, 85, rue Henri Becquerel, 01100 Bellignat, france
Received 2 July 2004; Received In Revised Form 23September 2004; Accepted 11 November 2004

Summary: In software of analysis of a few kinds of flow (be like Moldflow software) those who use is finite yuan or the principle of finite calculus of finite differences. When undertaking industrial spare parts is produced, these fill plan rely on large computation. Accordingly, polymer machines an enterprise to need to issue the method of innovation, if reseau operation and mould emulate software,wait. But lack a kind to be able to estimate a result effectively propose modular measure beforehand. Along this train of thought, be in for imitate polymer model the inject circumstance in antrum, we offerred a kind of novel means, this kind of method is based on the macroscopical analysis of forward of pair of flow of phase full a pattern. Still have, to come true the evenest fill model and achieve the least extreme to fill smooth pressure, want to undertake the mould optimizes design and runner to optimize a design.

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Article number: 3050

The experiment of polymer warpage and numeric research crystallize partly in model process

T. Glomsaker, larsen, e. Andreassen
Sintef Materials And Chemistry, p.B. 124, 0314 Oslo, norway
E. Ommundsen
Borealis AS, n-3960 Stathelle, norway

Summary: Through using only from the means with slow and cooling a side, half crystallization polyethylene studied below typical rotational moulding condition (LLDPE of polyethylene of linear low density) warpage. Development went a kind to be in through inspecting data the warpage below condition of craft of typical rotational moulding, can very quick identification the experiment technology of all sorts of different material. Still built mathematical model to come imitate includes crystallization course inside the experiment process of thermoelasticity material. What no less than arrives in observation of place of process of actual rotational moulding is same, we discover is to experimenting to still be below simulative circumstance no matter, material of tall crystallization sex produces bigger warpage. Imitate process shows warpage and crystal and dynamic process are concerned, because crystallization rate decided the crystallization gradient in solidify process.
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