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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.2)
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The raw material such as acerbity ester is pouring reaction is aggregate and into, collect fights concussion, super- show film putamen, high at an organic whole, made up for the inadequacy of generation and lens of the 2nd acting colophony effectively, of not decline to shoulder a responsibility after becoming afterwards PC " lens of the 3rd acting colophony " pioneer. According to the test, lens exceeding pliable but strong has very strong anti-impact properties, use the ball bearing of 55 grams to be bungled from 1.27 meters headroom, lens is in good condition nondestructive, exceeded national level far fight concussion index, safety factor is extremely high; Lens exceeding pliable but strong fights abrasiveness very strong also: Chafe 1000 times back and forth with 000 steel velvet, haze value is less than 0.2% , far be less than national par numerical value 0.8% , the wearability that made clear lens adequately is strong, service life is long; Reoccupy spectrophotometer checks, the visible light transmissivity that exceeds pliable but strong all is more than " generation " and " the 2nd generation " colophony lens. As we have learned, after lens exceeding pliable but strong is released, got immediately the favour of travelling merchant of glasses course of study.

Article number: 3001

Study new progress scientificly

The numerical value that polymer fuse-element flows in clamp area is analysed


Summary: In extruding in compound craft, polymer fuse-element still is not people place to know in the flow of close clamp area and cooling process. This research is used finite yuan the method founded system of imitate of a maths to study polymer fuse-element is in the flow of close clamp area. As a result medium number showed a lot of independent elements (for example: Ply of linear velocity, fuse-element, crowded a temperature, cut the property that becomes rare to wait a moment) the cooling process to close clamp area and the influence that polymer fuse-element flows. The result makes clear shape in plank and extruding is in two in compound craft in pressing Yan Gun, can observe of polymer fuse-element fashion a process, and the quantity of formation polymer fuse-element depends on joint condition. Not only compound to extruding craft has linear velocity and fuse-element ply to be affected significantly, and shed denaturation to also be opposite character this process is influential.

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Article number: 3061

Austenite stainless steel is small the pulverous inject of aperture goods shapes

H.Ozkan Gulsoy And Randall M.German
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