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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.2)
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Article number: 3004

Group of heart pipe trade exceeds high polymer two kinds to measure tubal material to pass technical appraisement

Recently, the polyethylene of freeboard element quantity of golden heart group is in charge of and freeboard element quantity enhances polyethylene pipe to save technical appraisement of put into production of provincial new product smoothly through Liaoning.
The polyethylene of freeboard element quantity that group of trade of golden heart pipe develops is in charge of tubal material to have wear-resisting caustic, impulse withstand, anti-corrosive, self-lubricating wait for superior integral performance, appropriate with

Air is the transportation of the inattentive stock such as the solid grain of carrier, powder, contain the transportation of the oar body of solid grain and fluid. Freeboard element measures polyethylene pipe to be main characteristic with its exceedingly good wear-resisting caustic sex, and wholesome and avirulent, amortization, light, applicable machines a domain at food, commissariat. In the process that carries wheat in flour factory, if use iron sheet pipe, canal of the iron sheet after 4 months is ground possibly unkennel comes, and the wearability that exceeds high polymer to measure polyethylene to provide material compared iron sheet canal to rise 7 to 10 times, have very wide application perspective.

Article number: 3003

German development goes but " drug taking " Chinese ink is plastic

German scientist develops a kind to have recently " drug taking " new-style Chinese ink of the function is plastic, it can adhere to effectively harmful to the environment dioxide.
According to the report, this kind of new-style Chinese ink color is plastic and main application filters at soot device, it can stick fast a variety of harmful to human body and environment dioxide, below the temperature of moving regulation, the surface is sedimentary won't fall off by oneself. Just can fall off when temperature exceeds moving temperature only. Many test result makes clear, color of this kind of Chinese ink is plastic have very good application perspective. Current, germany already had 3 rubbish to burn equipment used this technology.

Article number: 3002

Polyurethane is used at lens of the 3rd acting colophony

Recently, collect " lens of generation colophony " be an organic whole with PC lens advantage " lens of the 3rd acting colophony " be in Beijing of the 20th China eventually international glasses is exhibited on horizontal sky is born. The lens of colophony exceeding pliable but strong that it is production of research and development of company of glasses of optics of Shanghai bright moon. Lens of colophony exceeding pliable but strong with polyurethane kind for main raw material, cooperate different cyanogen
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