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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.2)
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Article number: 3008

The Chinese Academy of Sciences develops the nation successfully exceed scanty water plastic film

Recently, researcher of thunder of river of key laboratory of courtyard of all machine solid is in chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences material of interface of functional accept rice studies the domain gains new headway. This task group is raw material with cheap polystyrene, use a kind of simple report to spin a technology, preparation gives those who have original structure to exceed scanty water film, the one step with indicate data side strode a functional interface that in low cost extensive preparation has special wellability again important. Report is spun is one kind is used at preparation micron to come the effective method of the fiber of accept rice measure or particle, because its operation is simple, applicable extensive, be paid close attention to greatly very much in recent years. The methodological preparation that group of river thunder task spins through report gives a kind to have poriferous tiny ball and accept rice fiber are compound of the structure exceed scanty water film. Among them poriferous tiny ball has main effect to exceeding hydrophoby filmily, and accept rice fiber interweaves a three-dimensional network framework, "Bind " live poriferous tiny ball, enhanced filmy stability.

Article number: 3005

Asell is rolled out note - pull - material of series of the PP that blow model

Basell (Basel) the company is rolled out recently note - pull - blow model Strethene of material of special PP series, the tigidity of Strethene brand, transparency, high impact strength all excel PP brand, and the yield when shaping is higher also. New material accords with food and family expenses chemical and heat to pack the requirement that uses average client, these application basically choose traditional material PET previously or glass is packed. Basell company still plans to develop and roll out medical treatment and medicines and chemical reagents to pack with note - pull - the PP that blow model deserves to mix kind of Pusell.
Basell company is at present only two Strethene brand, density all is 0.9g/cm3, far under glass, also be less than PET. The top of Strethene RP 1685 of a brand carries intensity and heat to be out of shape temperature (109 ℃ ) tall, apply to the product that emphasizes tigidity particularly. Brand of PP of standard of prep above of transparency of another brand Strethene RP 1903, achieve cosmetic to pack the diaphaneity of the requirement.
Strethene lunt transmitance is far be less than PET, most but 6 times smaller, also do not contain aldehyde of minim of general PET some, apply to the grandma that pack consequently kind food, milk powder and beverage, its are able to bear or endure goodly stress craze sex makes its also apply to family expenses chemical to pack. Additional, strethene D02 shapes what need pressure (blow model to shape) low, also do not need beforehand dry, save consequently cover an area of (beforehand drier) cost and specific power consumption.
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