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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.2)
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Article number: 3040

New name of EVA of A division Ma is about to appear on the market

Plan of company of Ma of French A division rolls out copolymer of ethylene of acetic acid of / of ethylene of EVA(of tall VA content to the market recently) new name Evatane X0601, target application is cable of oil resistant cross-linking and plasticity cable market.
It is reported, akema is undertaking final promotion application experiments at present. EvataneX0601 characteristic is VA content tall, treatment liquidity is good, fuse-element flow rate (MFR) is less than 3 grams / 10 minutes. FredericVartician of general manager of polyolefin department of function of A division Ma points out, difficulty of new name development is EVA holds tall VA content and low MFR concurrently two parameter. With the standard the EVA of content of 40 % VA is compared, new name has better mechanical performance, and special oil resistant, can accord with cable market to rupture to the product the requirement of percentage elongation and tensile strength.

Article number: 3043

Polyamide of TECHNYL XT tall productivity makes squeeze model to reach the utility that blow model to be benefited

On December 7, 2007, luo Deya polyamide announces to roll out modified nylon ECHNYL XT of 6 breed new series, use at satisfying crowded model and blow model to shape industry machines taller productivity and energy-saving demand to polyamide.
Because have,shed denaturation distinctly can, polyamide of TECHNYL XT tall productivity can fall in the premise that ensures material function does not suffer lose offer superior treatment quality. With traditional nylon 6 data phase is compared, TECHNYL XT has identical machine function, hear resistance and be able to bear or endure chemical sex, and the anti-impact properties that rises greatly. What the treatment temperature that TECHNYL XT asks asks 6 times than general nylon is low left and right sides of 20 ° C. This one character brought a variety of profit: Reduce specific power consumption, shortened thereby cooling total cycle time, increased manufacturing week revolution. Up to now TECHNYL XT already was made cross try out by several different clients, show advantageous product quality stability, and can achieve at most than prep above standard the moulding crop of 40% .

The breed that this one new series rolls out above all - TECHNYL C 502XT, TECHNYL C 507XT (handles) via heating up stability, UL-V2) of grade of fire prevention of TECHNYL C 52XT (and TECHNYL C 536XT (blow model to shape) – is to regard crowded model and solution of unifinication of appropriative of product of the utility that blow model as the system and of development. Its utility limits from the bag in moire canal, canister, wait to autocycle fuel box and dynamoelectric tool.
TECHNYL XT has the property that following mould suppliers and OEM manufacturer are interested in most: Tall treatment stability, consistent product wall is thick, inferior squeeze advantageous balance, weight is optimized between a temperature, tigidity and impact resistance, cut off goodly grade of fire prevention of function, UL-V2 and beautiful degree.
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