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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.1)
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Keyword: Environmental science; Much target; Product lifecycle; Decision-making support system

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Article number: 2964

Use model of network of variance analysis, nerve and gene algorithm to shape to plastic inject of the warpage in the process optimize quite

B. Ozcelik, t. Erzurumlu
Gebze Institute Of Technology, department Of Design And Manufacturing Engineering,
41400Gebze-Kocaeli, turkey

Summary: Plastic inject shapes the process includes model to change, inject, protect pressure, top of cooling, goods goes out and process / spare parts quality controls application. Shape with inject the goods that the method shapes should pass these measure. Below current and intense competition environment, the production of goods should have productivity not only tall, the price is low, and should assure product quality, if do not have warpage, blaze to wait, because this has a few abecedarians to injection process,be being known is very necessary. The computer assisted the use of analysis and engineering software to satisfy this one pressing requirement. Shape to plastic inject for, moldFlow Plastic Insight is among them computer of a commerce assists engineering software. In this research, to achieve the smallest model warpage, had been opposite with MoldFlow Plastic Insight first-rate runner position, fill model and flow, warp application did research. Type of mould temperature, fuse-element temperature, dwell pressure, dwell time, cooling time, flow path and runner position regard a model as variable, use DOE, matrix of cropland mouth orthogonality and finite Moldflow studied yuan of software craft parameter is right Bao Bi kind the influence that the spare parts shapes, reach through finite element law dwell pressure is the mainest factor that affects warpage, and pass the warpage cost with intelligent nerve network and gene algorithm the smallest cipher out.

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