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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.1)
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Article number: 3051

In the liquid the particle reaction in small conduit flow crystallizes

N. Kockmann, j. Kastner, p. Woias
Laboratory For Design Of Microsystems, department Of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) ,
Albert-Ludwig University Of Freiburg,
Georges Koehler-Allee 102, d-79110 Freiburg, germany

Summary: Come by two flow path compound crystallizes continuously to making industrial equipment especially chemical, pharmacy, perhaps be for product of rice of food industry production accept a kind simple and important method. Convection mixes and quality delivers what be brought up to nucleate and accept rice grain to detect in final particle as a result size distributings inside can see. The function of crystallization of reaction of accept rice particle that we had understood T silicon small blender. The chip of blender has to be used the smallest change particle to mix groove narrowly of adherent body and block content. Test result makes clear: To the crystallization of BaSO4, narrow particle size distributings exceeded a very big working range. Particle nucleus builds a model with classical thermodynamic nucleate principle. Of individual particle be brought up is pass by close diffuse to spend and abandon Wood to count an analysis to describe character, at the same time the interaction between oversight particle. T small mix implement also use below industrial condition gauge coupling reaction. Accordingly, the basic principle of the design of mixture device and operation can prevent block and reduce bilge.
Keyword: Small mix implement vitriolic barium; Nucleate; Particle size distributings; Coupling reaction

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Article number: 3012

The much target of the trash recycle on the west is decision-making

Carlos F. Simoes Gomes, k á Tia R.A. Nunes, lucia Helena Xavier,
Rosangela Cardoso, rogerio Valle
Received 2 February 2005; Accepted 13 July 2006
Available Online 30 November 2006

Summary: With other environmental protection issues, litter management more and more the appropriate topic that solves a problem into the much target decision making techniques that returns existence doubt to use. The chooses parameter place that the article differs in the policymaker exists two plan. The first plan is: Social representative must handle plan to make appraised price to what plastic litter differs. The 2nd plan is: The trash loop equipment that be built to showing some and removes make function evaluate.
Deductive foundation is digitlized to go up in optional, existing analysis does not provide final result. The method of the article used special check study to include the rate of much target policymaker. Below the help of THOR, a many target is decision-making after the development that supports systematic COPPE/UFRJ and CASNAV, the possibility of a same arrangement chose to be finished. The article described the methodology that the parameter that is used at data-in and plan policymaker in middling of plan support system chooses.
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