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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.1)
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Be located in Dutch material to produced business Basel to roll out two kinds medical new name of polyethylene of low density of appropriative of the domain that blow film. These new name names are Purell PE 2420 F and Purell PE3020H, have the characteristic of tall purity. They do not contain additive, the problem with the because this is nonexistent migratory additive when applying, and this to traditional colophony, classics regular meeting is put in this one problem. In addition, they are had very tall fight puncture and tear off function. This are new the brand is produced in Europe at present, supply outlet.

Article number: 3022

American Chemtura company rolls out polyurethane fire retardant

The Chemtura company of Middebury of administrative division of division of surname of American health Nie rolls out polyurethane soft expanded plastics to use fire retardant, its brand Firemarter600 and Firemaster 602.
What new name compares Firemarter 550 of old brand date and Firemaster 552 is flame retardant efficiency is tall 10 % , its develop a purpose is to answer commission of safety of American consumer product about filling up the rigidder standard with subclass product new anti-flammability, the PU in applying limits to be all sorts of furniture, cushion and car is soft expanded plastics.
Firemarter 600 and Firemaster 602 have good integral performance, expression is in PU is soft of expanded plastics be able to bear or endure anxious burn gender and be able to bear or endure " cigarette head smolder " , and to PU the processability of expanded plastics is affected lesser. As less than dosage as photograph of old brand date, be helpful for an environment. The cools automatically PU when Firemaster 602 still is recommended to be used at shaping extremely is soft expanded plastics.

Article number: 3020

Nylon - small Kong Zhu of composite material and pure colophony shoots 6 accept rice shaping small structure and crystallization configuration

Alexander Chandra, shaoqin Gong, mingjun Yuan, lih-Sheng Turng
Polymer Engineering Center Department Of Mechanical Engineering, madison of – of University Of Wisconsin, madison, wisconsin 53706
Paul Gramann
Madison Group, madison, wisconsin 53719
Holger Cordes
Bruker-AXS Inc. , madison, wisconsin 53711

Summary: This article studied pure nylon - 6 in join accept rice clay and craft parameter to shape to small hole inject the influence of the small hole density of goods and dimension. Additional, still use X light scattering appearance and polarizing the crystallization dimension that microscope analysed small Kong Zhu to shoot goods, crystallization structure and orientaton condition. Devise a method according to check of L9 cropland a cause for gossip, inject shaped 4 elements the sample of drawing of standard ASTMD 638-02 of 3 class, element of these 4 change is speed of fuse-element temperature, inject, super- critical fluid chroma and owe makings shot. Experimental discovery, with pure nylon - 6 shape in coequal inject the photograph below the condition is compared, introduce as a result of what Namimeng takes off stone make small hole and the dimension of grain substantially reduce, but their density gets rising. In addition return discovery, to a kind of any material, in the runner part with machine canister downstream nozzle, the dimension of small hole is reduced gradually to surface layer from core. To the small hole of two kinds of material inject shapes goods, owing makings shot is the craft parameter with size of influence small hole and small hole the most important density. Also observed in the goods surface of composite material sample crystallization orientaton. Nylon - 6 in the affiliation of accept rice clay is helpful for small Kong Zhu shooting look of crystallization of the γ in goods form.
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