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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.1)
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Article number: 3009

Preparation of chemical place success is polychromatic the material of new-style accept rice of glow and impure white glow

Recently, in science foundation appoint, below the support of ministry of science and technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, yao of key laboratory of institute of actinic of place of chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences builds year of academician task group to enraged deposit legal system to have the area of rice of accept of organic young member that has polychromatic glow quality reachs his to assemble system with improved physics. The discovery in research, the organic young member that sends La Guang in solution and blame brilliant film the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem of 5 phenyl annulus 2 Xi (PPCP) is made rice of crystal one dimension accept is taken after assembling system, appeared multiple glow sex. When arousing PPCP accept rice to take with ultraviolet, La Guang, green light, can get blue light, green light and glow respectively blast off. Further experimental result makes clear, the glow of feebleminded class in accept rice material comes from the blemish glow center in crystal, at the same time the glow of material has in the length direction of one dimension structure gather together oneself action, make polychromatic glow property increases thereby.
What the physics that researcher improves sorbent further enrages deposit law to apply at adulteration is binary and organic the preparation of material of rice of one dimension accept. Put the temperature section with relevant park through introducing sorbent and will deposit source, lin of Zun of 3 phenyl Bi (TPP) and Gong Ying Xi (the structure of rice of accept of one dimension crystallization that Rubrene) makes even adulteration. Study the result makes clear, accept is put in move of fluorescent resonance energy between two kinds of elements in rice structure. Through changing the scale of two kinds of constituent in accept rice material, got color arrives from La Guang giving off light the accept rice line with orange successive and adjustable light, the accept rice line that and Baiguang got below certain proportion launchs.
It is reported, the physics that this task group uses a kind of sorbent to improve in early days job enrages deposit technology, preparation the wire of rice of accept of single crystal of organic young member with even dimension. In research they introduce sorbent system of gas phase deposit first, improved the dimension uniformity of material of organic accept rice significantly. After the accept rice structure that at the same time discovery has two kinds energy to give the organic glow element of relation accepting put oneself in another's position to make adulteration, can adjust continuously the glow color of accept rice material.

Article number: 3031

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