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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.1)
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Article number: 3030

England develops biology degradation successfully plastic with plasticizer

A project that British government share funds develops degradation of a kind of biology successfully plastic with plasticizer, use at film and other flexible package get together lactic acid (in PLA) , can improve the mechanical performance of PLA considerably. This project gets British government can admit a technology to start the support of the plan continuously, it makes convention good of PLA flexible be able to improve, its are outspread degree but from before 5% rise 320% . This kind of plasticizer but by biology degradation, they are the 10-20% of auxiliary in the dosage in the product. This kind of modifier is based on what generate between PLA and polyethylene glycol to embed paragraph of polymer. The PLA that passes modified can be in compound inside 20-25 day disappear. Current, this kinds of auxiliary already realized industrialized dimensions production.

Article number: 3026

Use " coke bottle " regenerated fiber fabrics is used at shoe material

One kind uses the dry goods that the regenerated fiber that reclaiming carefe produces makes, came out a few days ago. The carefe that reclaims as a result of picking up is general with " coke bottle " give priority to, other carefe is complementary, because this kind of textile is called again " coke bottle " reclaim second birth fabrics. This fabrics craft is will reclaim " coke bottle " after grinding asunder, be machined through reel off raw silk from cocoons and become, "Coke bottle " regenerated fiber weaves cloth, be called " cloth of coke bottle environmental protection " . Because its have wear-resisting, suck the character such as sweat, permeability beautiful, applicable within the shoe in, domain of production of box of vamp, climbing boot, journey is waited a moment.

Article number: 3023

Canada rolls out high speed ultrathin goods notes model technology

Canadian Enslt company rolls out X-Melt new technology recently, it is a kind of high speed notes model new technology. Period the characteristic shapes for inject inside length of going from place to place sectional and special small, can machine a wall thick the component that is 0.1mm ~ 0.8mm only, length of going from place to place / the wall is large than can be as high as 400:1.
Inject of this kind of high speed shapes technology, the requirement is plastic energy of fuse-element itself keep in storage, fuse-element is empty before screw occasional is compressed beforehand in the system inside hot flow path. When the nozzle of needle entity a powerful person that when thermal current is opened, fuse-element is compressed to expand quickly inside a few seconds beforehand inside mould antrum, finish charge a pattern.
Engle company still plans to go out with Mold-master company cooperation much model antrum inject shapes dosage is optimal flow path system, nozzle is in all needle entity a powerful person accurately to be opened for a short while together, be full of continuously model antrum. E-Mo-tion of complete electron of X-Melt technology and this company notes model machine to cooperate, the ultrathin project that can produce small exact size is plastic component.
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