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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.5)
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Yang Wei of university of Beijing chemical industry civilian the periodical of electron of this Ying La that the professor is in charge of founding, aim to guide innovation of idea of acute of teachers and students, transmission knowledge, service society. Periodical of Ying La electron will introduce progress of competence region scientific research and knowledge of forward position science and technology, offer a trade to vast enterprise information and advisory service, the yield that is based on network environment to fall for further progress, learn, grind cooperative new pattern lays next foundations.
At present cent is periodical of Ying La electron " plastic treatment makes progress " and " balata machines progress " two parts, every part two columns:  of benzene of vinegar of time of collection of sunken commonplace ば masts Wan  bite displays plutonium busy hard core to chop? of acyl of border of the graph that bask in  " scientific research makes progress " will introduce the research with international newest academia and development, basically be summary form, if the reader is interested,can send mail to contact us to, ask for full text by number; Welcome each are enterprise or business unit and we are contacted, discuss learning, begin communication and collaboration.
The 22nd China International is plastic rubber industry exhibition

China is the hope of global manufacturing industry, high polymer processing is the rising sun of manufacturing industry. The 22nd China International that by elegant type exhibition service limited company sponsors is plastic rubber industry exhibition (abbreviation " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " ) be in Shanghai Pudong Shanghai at coming 20 days on April 17, 2008 new international reads extensively the center is held ceremoniously. Confess one's crime " international is rubber-plastic exhibit " hold at was in Beijing 1983, exhibit meeting experience more than 20 cold hot weather, dimensions in successive years expands, already became an Asia up to now the first rubber-plastic exhibit, the position is next to the whole world the biggest rubber-plastic exhibit Germany " K is exhibited " reach the whole world the 2nd big rubber-plastic those who exhibit the United States " NPE is exhibited " . Professional exclusive boil a head " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " go back on his word so greatly that numerous international postpones business in person, congress was attracted 1 what come from more than 35 countries and area, 700 manufacturer reach a supplier, its China border exhibits business to occupy 65% .
The lab visited our Ying La to the Asia implements scale most and be opposite China is rubber-plastic what the progress of course of study came into being to urge action actively is rubber-plastic course of study is exhibited meeting, exhibit a bit experience of the meeting to can share us to attend this with everybody, also make a record to be exhibited to this ginseng, we made this designedly " the 22nd China International is plastic monograph of rubber industry exhibition " . In order to provide dinner for reader.
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