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Laser is fast the announcement of invite public bidding such as the forming mach
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What belong to an industry: Mechanical Electromechanical
Be in an area: Guizhou
Issue date: 2008-5-16
Date of expiration: 2008-6-5
Mark dispatch content: Suffer person of invite public bidding to entrust, invite acceptable bidder to be opposite " technical reformation of product line of switch of car electron electric equipment " the following goods of the project is referred with concerned service sealed bid.
1 The name of goods of invite public bidding, amount:
0637-084001020039/01 JL21-63A punching machine 1
0637-084001020039/02 NCP-60H/NCP-60S punching machine 1
0637-084001020039/03 Computer is all-purpose bedspring forming machine 1
Stage clip forming machine 1
0637-084001020039/04 Exceed opportunity of treatment of electric spark of high speed alveolus 1
0637-084001020039/05 Line cut machine tool 2
0637-084001020039/06 Record model machine 7
0637-084001020039/07 Horny pattern records model machine 1
0637-084001020039/08 Workshop transforms elevator 1
0637-084001020039/09 3 coordinate measure laser machine 1
0637-084001020039/10 Laser is fast forming machine 1
0637-084001020039/11 Spectrophotometer 1
2 Price of file of invite public bidding: 200 yuan of RMBs / bag
After the file makes work, invite public bidding is not retreated, mail-order or email beard add 50 yuan of RMBs additionally.
3 Buy time of file of invite public bidding: This day rises everyday (holiday except) 9: 00, 17: 00(Beijing time) to bid end time
4 Bid end time and time of open sealed tenders: On June 5, 2008 morning 10: 00 when (Beijing time)

The detail lands please: Chinese invite public bidding purchases information network
Network address:
Contact: Yin Yan
Phone: 010-58684553/51522885
Mobile phone: 13439856009


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