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Plastic in May machinery is newest and patent
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Production methods of moire and plastic jacket reachs his to produce device

Patent files order: 200610097506.4

Publish day: 2008.05.07

Applicant: Jiangsu tells smooth photoelectron limited company

Address: 226103 Jiangsu save development of technology of economy of sea retail sales to connect garden of optical science and technology

Inventor: Wang Shaogang

Summary: This invention made public production methods of a kind of moire and plastic jacket to reach its to produce device, the production methods of moire and plastic jacket is extruding of machine of will crowded model is pushed send turn makings screw plasticly by divide evenly fast drive turns into periodic ignore fast ignore drive of slow gear shift, the manufacturing unit of afore-mentioned narrates moire and plastic jacket is to squeeze model machine extruding to drive turn makings screw plasticly ignore fast ignore slow gearing is OK by mature technology prejudicial drive of electric machinery of timing of round of drive, dc perhaps communicates drive of frequency conversion electric machinery. This invention applies extensively at similar and fore-and-aft the oversheath layer that waits without the test cable of slippage meet an emergency is crowded make. Its advantage is the cable ripple that produces with this method plastic oversheath irrigates the as firm as the content that be measured union after concrete building, mine, bridge, channel, large dams is together, do not produce fore-and-aft slippage, heightened the precision of the test and sensitivity significantly, for the leader decision-making with directive countryman economy major project construction saves investment, provide scientific basis, gain distinct benefit.

Plastic figuration method reachs its unit

Patent files order: 200710159997.5

Publish day: 2008.05.14

Applicant: Fu Changhua

Address: Cause of 526000 Guangdong province celebrates alley of city 孖 land 22

Inventor: Fu Changhua

Summary: This invention provided means of a kind of plastic figuration, its include measure: (1) pours plastic oar into the mould; (In the unit that 2) will have high temperature gas of the mould park of plastic oar, undertake heating equably, make this mould medium of plastic oar outer be heated in high temperature gas solidify. This invention still supplied a kind of plastic figuration device that is used at implementing afore-mentioned plastic figuration methods, its include casing, mouth and calorific unit, this its casing is body of half fully sheathed case, mouth setting is in casing upside, casing interior is formed close partly antrum room, calorific device is placed in casing sidewall. Safety of this plastic figuration method does not have poison, operation simple, n tall, effect is good.
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