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Periodical of Ying La electron (2008.7)
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Yang Wei of university of Beijing chemical industry civilian the periodical of electron of this Ying La that the professor is in charge of founding, aim to guide innovation of idea of acute of teachers and students, transmission knowledge, service society. Periodical of Ying La electron will introduce progress of competence region scientific research and knowledge of forward position science and technology, offer a trade to vast enterprise information and advisory service, the yield that is based on network environment to fall for further progress, learn, grind cooperative new pattern lays next foundations.
At present cent is periodical of Ying La electron " plastic treatment makes progress " and " balata machines progress " two parts, every part two columns:  of benzene of vinegar of time of collection of sunken commonplace ば masts Wan  bite displays plutonium busy hard core to chop? of acyl of border of the graph that bask in  " scientific research makes progress " will introduce the research with international newest academia and development, basically be summary form, if the reader is interested,can send mail to contact us to, ask for full text by number; Welcome each are enterprise or business unit and we are contacted, discuss learning, begin communication and collaboration.
China is the hope of global manufacturing industry, high polymer processing is the rising sun of manufacturing industry.

Small hole sends bubble inject to shape

Small hole inject shapes technology (MuCell) is Trexel Inc. A kind of when the company develops new technology. If plan institute is shown, plastic raw material joins machine canister by hopper in, the mechanical model that adopts screw is changed and of heater heat model changes action to make plastic melt becomes fuse-element. Physical vesicant (in the plastic fuse-element inside CO2 or canister of N2) infuse machine, the mixture element that carries screw head unit next will be the foaming agent mix of infuse, dispersive leveling. Plastic fuse-element - aeriform two-phase system enters static blender subsequently, form plastic fuse-element - system of aeriform homogeneous phase. Subsequently, plastic fuse-element - system of aeriform homogeneous phase enters diffuser casing, diffuse through the element make a system farther leveling. Back-to-back, heat quickly through heater fuse-element - system of aeriform homogeneous phase. Because systematic temperature lifts quickly,make the fuse in fuse-element spends foaming agent to drop significantly, make the gas in the system produces huge thereby thermodynamic instability, gas forms many imperceptible bleb nucleus by the separate out in fuse-element. Be brought up to prevent the bleb nucleus that already formed inside machine canister, maximum pressure should maintain inside machine canister. Can prevent bleb happen in process full a pattern by the back pressure that reduces air place to offer expand. After process full a pattern is finished, model force of antrum internal pressure drops make bleb expands. Meanwhile, because the cooling action of the mould makes,swimming style solidify finalizes the design.
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