High temperature notes the announcement of invite public bidding such as model m

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What belong to an industry: Mechanical Electromechanical
Be in an area: Shanxi
Issue date: 2008-1-7
Date of expiration: 2008-1-21
Mark dispatch content:
Suffer buyer to entrust pair of following products and service to undertake international makes public emulative invite public bidding, invite acceptable bidder to attend now bid.
1, the name of product of invite public bidding, amount and main technique parameter:
High temperature records model machine 1
Composite material beforehand dip makings is cut into parts cut facility 1
High small lukewarm number shows combination to pound experiment machine 1
2, price of file of invite public bidding: 800RMB
3, buy time of file of invite public bidding: Come since this day bid end time stops, everyday 08:30-17:30, holiday except
4, bid end time and time of open sealed tenders: 2008-01-21 10:00:00
5, place of open sealed tenders: Beijing

The detail is asked with " Chinese invite public bidding purchases information network " Wang Xuan Connection
Phone: 010-51522885 13146888147
Network address:

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