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Xu Gong shakes roller | 13671930095
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Xu Gong shakes roller | Xu Gong shakes roller | Xu Gong shakes roller | Aircraft of route of dynamic pressure of Xu labour shake is made over all the year round, reclaim homebred entrance is secondhand card of condole of grab, harbour, dock condole, bulldozer, fork-lift truck, United States is special fork-lift truck bulldozer, Japan plain is strange, all sorts of two manual Cheng such as fork-lift truck of small loose bulldozer, truck crane, roller, land leveler, forklift are mechanical equipment. The company has personnel of of all kinds technology, technical force is abundant. The company is acted on " sincere letter " " enterprising " " deal with concrete matters relating to work " " innovation " spirit of enterprise; Greeting Your Exllency comes the spot! At the same time company representative client does sth for sb freight business, the price is reasonable. Welcome incoming telegram of bearer of new old client to hang down ask. The company serves an attainments: Sincere letter is managed, quality 3 protect, instructor, credit the first. Address: Postcode of? of ふ of huge rock of  of  of shrimp K hill: 201615 contact: Email of neodymium Ren? : phone: 021-13671930095 is faxed: 13764410509 network address: HTtp:// QQ:8Shanghai of company of 02113764410509 QQ of fax of 02113671930095 of phone of 57029314 full name Mr Hou grows rich project machine Ou Jiuting presses down Song Jiang of Shanghai of address of of mailbox of limited company

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