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Prestressing force is plastic and moire plastic machinery plant provides source
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Hello, we are Qingdao flourishing the source is plastic machinery plant:We lay prestressing force plastic ripple manages facility, forming machine of this SJBG set, advocate if concrete uses prestressing force HDPE,plastic ripple manages indispensable facility, basically use at the concrete project such as freeway crossroads, trestle, railroad bridge, change different pattern, all sorts of plastic ripple such as producible PP.PVC, EVA are in charge of. Complete set product line by machine of extruder, crowded a mould, forming machine, cooling device, auxiliary drawing, feed machine, turn over revolving stage to comprise. Forming machine basically has pattern plate of reducer casing, fluctuation, drive to shape mobile unit comprises cold device of pattern plate, frame, wind, around, reducer casing chooses circular arc to age machine of decelerate of boiler annulus hard tooth flank, material of fluctuation pattern plate is HT150 classics character hollow cast, pattern plate water-cooling is compulsive wind is cold, pattern plate material is hardness of surface of 40Cr classics heat treatment to be HRC45-52 character, frame uses fine steel to solder, the structure is reasonable and stable, drive electric machinery uses frequency control first implement, achieve even stepless speed regulation thereby. Overall fluctuation, left and right sides, around is self-adjusting. Arrange Qi wishing business! ---------------------------------------Company name: Qingdao flourishing source is plastic machinery plant address: Sex of elder brother of Fu of brown of broadleaf plant  makes the same score value? postcode: 266300 contact: Email of Yi cease? : phone: 0532-82218623 is faxed: 8Http//:w of 2218623 network addressYangzhou of city of state of rubber of Shandong of address of of mailbox of plastic machinery plant of source of flourishing of Qingdao of company of 053282218623 QQ of fax of 053282218623 of phone of of Rong Qun of Cui of full name on the west road 236

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