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Reinforcing steel bar of treasure auspicious card pulls filar alloy mould
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Plant of equipment of machinery of auspicious of treasure of long arrowroot city uses data of high grade alloy, use newest workmanship to produce card of sale treasure auspicious reinforcing steel bar of each norms model helps a special alloy mould, aircraft that make a hammer the special alloy cutting tool, machine that make a hammer is special alloy clamping apparatus (mould) , the machine that make a hammer is special alloy drift. Assure quality, execute 3 packets, can ask to have something made to order by the client, sell continuously mail, free technology seeks advice and upgrade. Do sth for sb freely carry, the attaint in carriage process or missing You Baoji are responsible. Treasure auspicious factory and product of treasure auspicious brand are had the honor to win 2004 " Chinese quality goes 10 thousand lis " key of " of authority of dimension of · of " sincere letter protects a trademark (unit) , have the honor to win famous brand of Chinese scientific academy and quality of " of market strategy committee of experts served " of business of credit AAA stage 2004. Major is useless change treasure, can do only best. Treasure auspicious card is useless change special and mechanical equipment fastens treasure to design energy industry solely to make, do his utmost to be created for common people and make the good luck that can earn money and machine. Management tenet: Credit is sovereign, quality is excelsior, service meticulously, innovation is never-ending. Treasure auspicious product reachs a service, it is optimal surely. Mark of badge of plant of equipment of treasure auspicious machinery and label of treasure auspicious brand already were registered, identify brand of accurate treasure auspicious please, sham surely correct! Executive ISO9000 quality runs a system, of all kinds to the treasure auspicious card of all sales after May 1, 2006 mechanical equipment is earnest and affirmatory: There is a problem to be changed inside 3 bag period new. Market department phone: 0374-6315817, mobile phone: 013703744588. Newest picture and specification contact equipment of machinery of auspicious of detailed knowledge treasure please: QQ: 188452374 9377

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