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Hydraulic press - limited company of equipment of machinery of v of Qingdao acut
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Our company basically are sold: YA32 series 4 column are hydraulic press of material of magnetism of archives of series of all-purpose hydraulic press, YGL05C, semi-automatic, full automatic sheet of series of pulverous goods hydraulic press, YGL27 uses series of hydraulic press of laminose and fast drawing, YGL28 double use series of laminose drawing hydraulic press, YGL31 hydraulic press of Chan Zhu of double column hydraulic press, YGL41. Welcome incoming telegram of new old client to hang down ask. Rui Feng forging press of Qingdao of company of 53284811889 QQ of fax of 53284810889 of phone of of Wu Feng of phone 0532-84810889 full name fetterses the road in Chongqing of address of of mailbox of of equipment limited company 852

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