Punching machine of Qingdao numerical control sends makings plane - limited comp

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My company is sold; The industry characteristic of the industry such as a replacement of screen mesh, cap, electron, car, solar energy, the punching machine of Qingdao numerical control that special development developed platform type sends makings machine, horizontal Liang Shiqing punching machine of insular numerical control send punching machine of numerical control of makings machine, Qingdao to send makings plane. To enhance product competition ability further, enlarge firm influence, send makings machine to undertake upgrading in the round to punching machine of numerical control of Qingdao of company DH-SKC series now, the product after upgrading is locating precision, repeat error of fixed position precision, accumulative total to control a respect to illuminate all have than congener product promote substantially, the function of the product is more powerful. The welcome negotiates Rui Feng forging press of Qingdao of company of 53284811889 QQ of fax of 53284810889 of phone of of Wu Feng of advisory 0532-84810889 full name fetterses the road in Chongqing of address of of mailbox of of equipment limited company 852

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