Squeeze a series mould

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Hello, we are Qingdao is flourishing and plastic machinery plant:We offer one, PP-R is in charge of kind of mould: Type of norms ф 20-160 mould: Mould of La Shi, screw type. Mould characteristic: 1, fuse-element flow rate achieves expectant mechanical uniformity, hot uniformity. 2, bracket of beardless core model, make produce what middling happens to shed grain to disappear. 3, pressure is used up little, yield is high, crop can be achieved 80% what push a volume. 4, the orgnaization is compact, join is reasonable, change convenient. 5, use steeliness of high grade mould to build. 6, the water link that introduces stainless steel or copper decides diameter to cover. 2, PE is in charge of kind of mould: Norms: Type of ф 10-630 mould; Support formula, screw type, blue type, squeeze type in all compound mould. Suitable scope: Anticorrosive canal, heating power canal, jacket provides self-invited conduit, gas canal, thermal insulation 3, mould of PVC canal material: Norms: Helix of ф 10-630 PVC is epispastic tubal mould 50-160 (one machine is multi-purpose) . Change club of buccal model, core is producible epispastic inside spiral coil cooling tube, canal of the spiral coil cooling tube inside solid wall, solid wall, epispastic canal. 4, plank mould: Norms: Ply: 0.15-30mm width: 200-2000mm arranges Qi wishing business! ---------------------------------------Company name: Qingdao is flourishing and plastic machinery plant address: Postcode of? of discharge of cent of Qi of ┲ of punishment of Fu of brown of boat of lament of broadleaf plant  : 266300 contact: Accumulate imprison? email: phone: 0532-82217289 is faxed: 82217289 network address: HQingdao of company of 053282217289 QQ of fax of 053282217289 of phone of of Tian Lei of Zhao of Ttp:// full name is flourishing and plastic middle of district of city of peaceful of city of state of rubber of Qingdao of Shandong of address of of machinery plant mailbox

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