Machine of decelerate of heart of Lai of Shanghai of JWBM decelerate machine lim

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Hello, we are machine of Shanghai Lai heart decelerate limited company:We have for main product: R, s, k, machine of decelerate of F series helical gear, machine of decelerate of H/B series high-power, machine of decelerate of worm of RV series worm wheel, WP series is cast-iron machine of worm wheel decelerate, machine of MB infinitely variable speeds, WB/X series is cycloidal machine of needle annulus decelerate, steering gear of bevel gear of T series helix, machine of decelerate of gear of G series whole sealing, elevator of lever of SWL series silk, machine of decelerate of ZDY/ZSY/ZLY series gear, the series such as machine of decelerate of ZQ series gear. Additional offer nonstandard decelerate machine is custom-built suitable Qi wishing business! ---------------------------------------Company name: Machine of decelerate of Shanghai Lai heart address of limited company: 1051 lane a postcode: 200331 contact: Email of Yang  ? : phone: 021-66080628 is faxed: 66082240 network address: HMachine of decelerate of heart of Lai of Shanghai of company of 02166082240 QQ of fax of 02166082243 of phone of Xu of Ttp:// full name address of of mailbox of limited company 1051 lane 1

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