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2500 tons of 2 board type shoot prosperous and strong Xin engine put into produc
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Prosperous and strong Xin (Ning Bo) the company is newest 2008 product LM, 2500, 2500 tons shoot engine put into production and already enabled. At present sale of large scale computer of company of prosperous and strong Xin is valued, there already were large quantities of orders this year, have than 2007 relatively rise substantially.

The 2 board type of company of prosperous and strong Xin shoot a plane, its original design concept is by Europe famous big plant is introduced, shirt-sleeve and prosperous and strong Xin 30 old experience, make its more accord with customer demand, its are main the characteristic includes:

1, the structure that place a model, use advanced design, ensure car wall is made move parallel, high pressure locks up a model to employ a powerful person of German Rexroth electromagnetism, the force that shut a model is accurate, can promote a machine effectively life.

2, journey flying a model and look model amount are large, applicable product is more extensive, especially deep bucket product.

3, the machine is opposite shorter, opposite to the demand of workshop land less, can promote workshop utilization rate.

4, when be being shot, pressurization crock is offerred fill pressure, can provide the power shutting a model of accurate stability continuously.

5, the system that place a model does not have music hand, avoid lubricant, without toggle wear and tear, reduce cost of care and maintenance, reduce pollution.
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