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Day of peaceful wave sea has the honor to win first national innovation enterpri
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Recently, ministry of science and technology, country endowment appoint released jointly with federation of trade unions of China whole nation first 91 " innovation enterprise " list gives a shop sign. On a list of names posted up of company of group of aircraft of model of sky of our city sea famous. Alleged " innovation enterprise " , it is to point to own own intellectual property and famous brand, have innovation of technology of stronger international competition ability, support to get market competition advantage and the business that expand continuously. Sea weather firm saves one of 4 selected companies as me, enter a country " innovation enterprise " cavalcade.

The machine of sea sky model that held water 1966, pay attention to progress of science and technology all the time, dog actively advanced technique of home, international, digest foreign technology through introducing, breed oneself core technology.

In recent years, sea weather firm increases own innovation to throw ceaselessly, own the technical center that the country maintains not only, still established academy of machinery of aircraft of model of sky of peaceful wave sea, established close cooperative relationship with the institution of higher learing such as university of Beijing chemical industry, Zhejiang university. The research and development that makes this enterprise fixes model machine product thereby and innovation obtain positive result of plentiful and substantial, mastered multinomial core technology. This company records model machine from type of connecting rod of the production at the beginning of 80 time, record model machine to the hydraulic pressure of 90 time, arrive again current completely dynamoelectric servo of the machine that note model, J5 is energy-saving the machine that note model and large the front row that all without exception such as 2 trigger walks along in home to travel together. Because own innovation ability rises ceaselessly, of model machine product upgrade replacement is accelerated ceaselessly, the country that improved a product greatly, international the competition ability of two markets. Sales revenue of sea weather company amounted to 3.8 billion yuan of RMB last year, exit delivery is worth 1.23 billion RMB. Current, sea weather firm sets 60 cent to sell a site in 80 many countries and area, the product of more than 30% is used at exit.
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