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Congratulate square power company ardently building a plant 15 years
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Years is breathed, fang Li already had taken 15 year; Years has mark, 15 time nether world witnessed Fang Li by small to big, from the rough every course that becomes strong infirmly.

Recall erst, fang LiDifficultDo poineering work.

Poineering initial stage, the company moves step forward dimension difficult. Say vavuum pump, because did not master its core technology all the time, bring about the impeller in running a course to be brushed with the brim constantly touch. But square force person was not frightened by difficulty, center everybody power material resources however, by square total dominant, assemble technical backbone tackles key problem together, with a such castiron fight, firm and persistent spirit, have Fang Li the vavuum pump of annulus of water of SZ series only course of own intellectual property trial-produce is successful! What it brings a company is benefit and beauty not only praise, more it is the person that Fang Li does poineering work in difficult hour make concerted effort, cross difficulty in all, blend in the heart Fang Li's spirit, incentive successor obtains new beautiful accomplishment ceaselessly.

Stroke now, square force progress is steady rise.
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