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About " 100 groom freely, consecratory medium and small businesses " the announc
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2. Mobile form:
Visit business management net and peaceful wave town by Zhejiang business management grooms alliance is established this second " 100 groom freely, consecratory medium and small businesses " organizing committee of large commonweal activity, the expert instructor of the domain such as constituent strategy management, manpower resource management, financial management, production management, sale management, enter mobile object business, the inadequacy of the problem that cares in the light of the enterprise, existence undertakes grooming training. Because the activity plans to reach the reason such as the timeline of expert instructor, the organizing committee is on the foundation that satisfies business demand as far as possible, proper motion arrangement task, instructor is reached inside model time. Mobile process will save business management net and this locality by Zhejiang report of relevant media whole journey, if accord with this net requirement, mobile enterprise can apply for Zhejiang to omit report of special subject of column of interview of business of short for Zhejiang Province of business management net. After the activity ends, the organizing committee will be begun according to the activity reach pass on a circumstance, choose this second activity " optimal groom enterprise award " .
3. Mobile object:
1. All member company
2. Be not member company
Company property: Business of state-owned company, collective system of ownership, joint-venture enterprises, 3 endowment enterprise, private enterprise.
Enterprise dimensions: Medium or small dimensions enterprise.
Industrial scale: Production controls modelling company 70 % , commerce service wait for other type enterprise 30 % .
4. Business demand:
1. Abide by country and place each policy code, lawfully pay taxes, management standard;
2. It is certain to be had inside the industry representative, and have development perspective;
3. Take business management seriously, the hope reinforces administrative concept, raise administrative technique level;
4. Company president, general manager and controller of relevant high level must arrive banquet, arrange meeting Wu job by person specially assigned for a task;
5. Esteem grooms instructor, maintain assembly room order, it is good to organize student to do groom the opinion is passed on wait for the job;
6. Company staff joins example personnel to achieve 20 people above at least;
7. Offer groom field and relevant equipment;
8. Wait for special account because of number, field, allow to be applied for to groom by two cartel.
5. Time signing up:
Come since this day ended on August 31, 2008.
6. Means signing up:
Download " 100 groom freely, consecratory medium and small businesses " application form of large commonweal activity, the fax after fill in by the regulation and building company official seal comes this second activity organizing committee. Quota of people is finite, ask relevant enterprise to clutch sign up.
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