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About " 100 groom freely, consecratory medium and small businesses " the announc
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One. Sponsor unit brief introduction
Zhejiang saves business management net (
Zhejiang province is the precursor in spring tide of Chinese economy reform, the Zhejiang economy that is characteristic with civilian battalion enterprise grows in the high speed after reforming and opening, obtained the positive result of level sex. Develop as economic continuity however, since joining WTO especially, these reform initial stage dare make the business that dare enter, came up against the bottleneck that the company grows however, and as foreign capital competitor enter ceaselessly, our ethical company got be pounded unprecedentedly. Develop to seek the abidance of the enterprise, can compete with the formidable opponent that comes from abroad, we must strengthen the weakest link in our nation company -- business management, through learning the advanced management concept of world developed country, join characteristic of national condition, place and company actual condition, build a business management system that suits oneself.
Zhejiang saves business management net to comply with the website of times, portal of large business management that holds water according to demand just about, this website provides a series of professional business management services for the enterprise, plan to go up in the column, the website is cogent think the content with industry economic attention and information, accomplish hard complete and do not float, essence of life and many. If news trends can make an enterprise seasonable know a business relevant reach activity of this locality news domestic and internationally, policy code makes the enterprise can understand national policy and local code and concerned privilege measure, management knows newly is the enterprise consults the knowledge base that manages document material, man of the time and wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation of trade of short for Zhejiang Province are entrepreneur and experience of controller study success and the world that show individual elegant demeanour, the enterprise grooms the core part of the business management that serves as a website, will provide a company comprehensive, professional groom course and plan seek advice, talent center is the platform of talent of enterprise collect elite, managing forum is the communication home that the netizen works and lies fallow, politics look forward to is connected is the information communication system between join government and enterprise, trade of short for Zhejiang Province is connected is the trade platform that company product and trade news release.
Peaceful wave city business management grooms allied (
Peaceful wave city business management grooms alliance is by Zhejiang province business management net is initiated, by peaceful wave area excellent management is groomed the spontaneity alliance group that advisory company establishs jointly. The target is to build an omnibus platform, share through information, research and development of communication of persons qualified to teach, course, client serves and groom the depth such as the agreement second collaboration, drive build industry order and public letter strength, the management that leads normative Ning Bo grooms the market.
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