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About " 100 groom freely, consecratory medium and small businesses " the announc
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Zhejiang visits town of unit of member of business management net, peaceful wave business management grooms allied member unit, each concern medium and small businesses:

Since this year, zhejiang medium and small businesses is come from the influence that waits for each respect at structural adjustment of policy of international situation, country, trade, appeared difficulty of a few developing and problem, sign up for deficient enterprise to be close to 20 % first half of the year, close a business of on 10 thousand companies closes stop, tierce of Zhejiang local government casts book country hair to change appoint, the requirement gives medium and small businesses an amortize period. On July 6, li Kejiang of Vice Prime Minister of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council inspects economy to run a condition in Zhejiang, survey Zhejiang enterprise faces difficulty and problem, the medium and small businesses of Zhejiang area developed a problem to cause the height of country and local government to take seriously.
On July 11, vice director of council of trade of Zhejiang province economy, Zhejiang saves Wu Jiaxi of director of bureau of medium and small businesses to publish economy to comment on " the difficulty that development of current medium and small businesses faces and problem " , the article points out since this year, zhejiang medium and small businesses maintained stable development, present a structural adjustment and growth pattern change to accelerate the state that push. But also facing a few difficulty and problem in development, a certain number of new cases that appear this year especially are worth to pay close attention to, a certain number of issues are as follows:
1. The enterprise produces management capital hasten to tighten, finance is constrictive the accumulation of measure effect has been shown;
2. Resource element cost rises considerably;
3. The company raises with labor cost;
4. Situation of foreign trade exit is grim;
5. Industrial land, energy-saving fall privilege of bad news, taxation is adjusted wait for policy to direct bring pressure.
Face the problem that place of Zhejiang medium and small businesses encounters, director Wu Jiaxi puts forward to increase finance to give aid to strength, push financing way innovation, proper adjust policy of experience look forward to, improvement environment of foreign trade exit, raise business management to serve the measure such as quality, mention clearly among them should strengthen medium and small businesses to groom coach, the production that begins difficult business is managed and interior management is diagnosed seek advice.
Act on strong social sense of responsibility and the purpose that serve medium and small businesses, zhejiang saves business management net to roll out Zhejiang ceremoniously to save " 100 groom freely, consecratory medium and small businesses " large commonweal activity, zhejiang saves business management net to combine peaceful wave city business management grooms the first station of activity of this large commonweal was in alliance general surely Ning Bo, specific announcement content is as follows:
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