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Garden of industry of originality of class of town of home of our city head is f
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On August 18 morning, garden of industry of originality of class of town of home of our city head is formal " open garden " . Members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor classics of more than Gong Yi, city appoint director forest

State of Ke Yu, city endowment appoint area of director Huang Huifen, Hai Shu appoint stone of deputy warden of government of district of clerical Chen Yijun, Hai Shu virtuous justice, asset of trade of city worker worker is managed finite fair

Tian Pingyue of lukewarm, general manager and city, area concerns department president Chen Ke branch (unit of member of panel of city industry leader) , Ximen is street delegate and photograph

Closed the 100 much people such as guild leader to attend to open garden celebration.
"Open garden " the ceremony manages Tian Pingyue of limited company general manager to chair by asset of trade of city worker worker, industry of city of peaceful wave town leads group office director

, city classics appoint director Lin Keyu is Xin Zhi garden of 8 originality industry gives a shop sign, sea dawn area appoint clerical Chen Yijun speaks in ceremonially, deputy mayor Yu Gong art for new

Zhi 8 garden " open garden " .
"Open garden " after the ceremony ends, deputy mayor Gong Yi and more than city classics appoint, city state endowment appoint, management limited company of property of trade of worker worker of Hai Shu area, city, each

Relevant association leadership, enter the enterprise representing design originality industry that enter to develop an informal discussion, concerned branch, enterprise and relevant association are set to the our city

Plan originality estate development publishs opinion and proposal actively.

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