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The current situation of domestic and international plastic and mechanical indus
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Qian Yaoen of secretary-general of association of industry of Chinese plastic machinery

Reached the characteristic that economy of industry of machine of our country model runs since this year 2007

Below the setting that grows quickly in macroscopical economy, plastic and mechanical industry is in China successive after 6 years high speed grows, continued to carry the state of driving growth 2007, present a structure to optimize, benefit rises and head catch a lot of window such as famous brand, main economic norms created the history new tall, growth of total output value is achieved 16.1% , the growth of prep above gross domestic product, obtained since entering new century successive the good result that 7 years high speed increases, came true to span historicly, gave in to make a person glad " report " . Enter since 2008, because a few new cases appeared in economic society progress, not certain factor is more, the main economic norms such as the production of model machine industry, sale, exit, benefit grows speed to put delay apparently, but, remain a whole to good progress " outstanding achievement is expressed " .

The characteristic that economy of industry of machine of our country model ran 2007

2007, although industry of machine of our country model faces the intense competition of domestic and international market, the hasten that faces cosmopolitan the sources of energy and raw material to supply is close, bore the pressure that raw material and the oil such as rolled steel rise in price, face the energy-saving situation that decrease a platoon of austere, inflation and pressure of foreign trade favourable balance increase further, still showed the tendency that rises strong, economy moving is better than last year. About the economy of model machine industry ran a state 2007, can generalize for 6 following apparent characteristics, namely: Main index blazes new trails again tall, development speed is accelerated continuously, own innovation ability increases, structural adjustment is advanced steadily, energy-saving decrease an active progress, own brand obtains a breakthrough.

Main index blazes new trails again tall

2007, the development of industry of countrywide model machine grows not only fast, and quality good, benefit is tall, main show is " 5 innovate again tall " . It is production value amount innovates again tall, occupy the statistic of enterprises of pair of above of 418 dimensions of countrywide, amount of annual production value is twenty-five billion and seventy-five million yuan of RMB, grow 16.1% than 2006; 2 it is to sell amount to innovate again tall, annual sells amount to be twenty-four billion and thirty-two million yuan of RMBs, grow 13.8% than 2006; 3 it is to export amount to innovate again tall, annual export total is in one billion five hundred and eighty-eight million five hundred thousand dollar, grow 107.01% than 2006; 4 it is asset total value innovates again tall, annual asset total value is twenty-six billion two hundred and fifty-three million yuan of RMBs, grow 24.34% than 2006; 5 it is profit total innovates again tall, annual profit total is in 2.064 billion yuan of RMB, grow 18.97% than 2006.
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