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Design of screw of the machine that note model and advanced knowledge groom the
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Be restricted to solve those who note technology of model machine core stage by stage and neck, whole promotes Ning Bo the technical standard of model machine, classics of You Ningbo city appoint place of medium and small businesses is sponsorred, consortium of city mold aircraft assist do, city classics appoint the cadre grooms the center undertakes " design of screw of the machine that note model and advanced knowledge groom class " be in at coming 18 days on August 16, 2008 east 10 thousand Liu Yuan guesthouse hold Qian Hu, the professional technology personnel that comes from peaceful wave area to note model machine industry in all 90 more than person attended to groom.
Screw of the machine that note model is one of core components of model machine, its design the technical development as new model of new-style and plastic application and model engine, and improve ceaselessly rise, personnel of technology of industry of wide three-year institution of higher learning is pressing of the professional deepness with ask to hold first phase to have certain and higher academic level groom class, in order to get used to the development demand of company new product, stimulative industry technology progresses.
After understanding for development of this association classics, the decision holds design of first phase screw to groom class, invite teacher of home's top-ranking college of Beijing chemical industry to give lessons, this action welcomes by professional, everybody overcomes difficulty, sign up eagerly; During doing a class, can serious attend a lecture, abide by discipline, all personnel all can achieve carry sth through to the end, for in recent years similar groom class place is scarce.
Through grooming, widened eye shot, raised the academic level of enterprise brainpower, the structure that mastering screw of the machine that note model had on design and computational method rise certainly, to noting principle of CAE of model machine screw, progress the state reached concerned design software to have abecedarian knowledge. These learn professional theory to further henceforth development, improve a design the level is very helpful, thereby, achieved expectant goal.
The education that has clutched staff of existing and professional technology and rise, it is Ning Bo model machine industry innovates independently, raise the immanent requirement of content of science and technology of model machine product, also be model machine industry and guild henceforth a of a paragraph of period very main job. We should expand actual condition and the demand of broad professional according to the industry, answer actively, often catch indefatigable, do one's best, raise the ABC of professional and skill level through a variety of ways, increase the market the development strength of applicable product, raise content of product science and technology, strive to could there be industry of wave model machine is in " 915 " during become the world to two running water are made the same score and try hard.
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