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Seminar of value of mechanical industry of the 3rd China makes industry value ma
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Mechanical Joint Industry Conference is sponsorred, undertake by net of Chinese machine classics " seminar of mechanical industry value " the need that has become stimulative machinery industry to get used to current market situation, play price is reasonable configuration resource action, raise the scientific sex with company decision-making price, action of normative company price, the advantageous company experience that promotes mechanical industry to build order of price fairness competition communicates platform. Manage experience through communicating rigid company price, implementation company price manages the upgrading of production innovation and performance of battalion of already of look forward to.

Just meet 2008 is " standard of value of People's Republic of China " (the following abbreviation " value standard " ) promulgate carry out 10 years, carry out for farther conduct propaganda " value standard " , this year to fulfil the Party Central Committee, the State Council to close at the same time economic job wants maintain economy the task of macroscopical adjusting control that prices of stable rapidder development, control rises too quickly, answer the sources of energy and raw material price actively to rise ceaselessly, the situation with international home increasingly intense competition, introduce current state trend of macroscopical economy progress and policy of relevant price adjusting control, study machinist property value goes situation and price government strategy, maintain the basic stability of total level of Electromechanical industry price, the organization popularizes advanced company overall price manages experience. Mechanical Joint Industry Conference of China of Chinese machinist job and decision of association of value of Chinese Electromechanical industry in September 2008 20, seminar of value of mechanical industry of the 3rd China is held 21 days in Jiangxi Nanchang.

The conference will have Chinese machinist to leader of combination of course of study, country develops and reform committee to concern bank of people of department bureau leader, China to concern foreign trade of expert, Department of Commerce to manage a leader to wait at the appointed time attend the meeting, undertake delibrate to the following topic for discussion: The sources of energy, raw material rises in price the mechanical industry below setting grows posture; National economy grows situation, macroscopical economic policy and price impact; The industry appears price case management and the strategy that answer inflation; Tax rate of RMB exchange rate, exit and international second the influence that lends the crisis to wait for pair of mechanical industry values; Situation of imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products and price countermeasure.

About the detailed circumstance of seminar of mechanical industry value, land net of classics of machine of mechanical Joint Industry Conference please
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