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Changjiang Delta highway should be transformed
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Highway transforms a project initial design is passed examine, total investment of project budgetary estimate is 275 million yuan, plan in December 2008 start working, in June 2010 complete. On August 27, changjiang Delta highway transforms a project conference of initial design joint hearing is held in assembly room of center of administration of boreal logical sequence, the conference is chaired via hair bureau by the developing zone, sectional chief reached concerned expert to attend the meeting related deputy warden Wang Zhiming, area.

Highway transforms a project Xi Qining wave circles city high speed, way of small harbor tunnel reachs east, full-length 3.01 kilometers, 75 meters wide, section is: 7 meters of greenbelt 3.5 meters of footpath 7.5 Mi Fudao segregation of 2 meters of afforest is taken 11.5 meters of drive 12 meters of greenbelt 11.5 meters of drive segregation of 2 meters of afforest is taken 7.5 Mi Fudao 3.5 meters of footpath 7 meters of greenbelt.

The principle agrees to adopt initial design plan, each unit and the opinion that offer about the expert, proposal has next level grounds reasonable optimize, after modification initial design classics signing up for an area sends bureau give an official, enter construction to pursue design phase.

After this project builds, will alleviate greatly the traffic of my area carries pressure, promote the development of the industry that face harbor, convenient masses goes out row.

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