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Company of prosperous and strong Xin: 2008 Taipei are exhibited before exhibitin
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Inc. of accurate industry of prosperous and strong Xin founds 1974, scale of area of the Taiwan before be eye is the largest, and it is the production firm of major of the forming machine that note model that the ark on only stock releases. Outside dividing Taiwan this factory at present, already set manufacturer of two aircraft that note model at chinese mainland Dongguan and peaceful wave, group gross area achieves 154 thousand square metre, group year sale obtains 2.5 billion new station money, year manufacturing stage number is 2500 about. Prosperous and strong Xin passes ISO-9001 and European CE attestation, have the honor to win " award of Taiwan high-quality goods " reach Taipei is rubber-plastic the event of product of innovation of research and development that postpone " classy award " . Be on sale of product of prosperous and strong Xin is overseas more than 60 countries, set 32 agents at the whole world, spread all over 5 continent, set 25 agency at chinese mainland, pervade Hua Na, Hua Dong and China north area. Place production opportunity is planted the force that lock up a model from 30 tons of ~ 3500 tons, the quantity that note model from 20 grams ~ 60000 grams, include: Double lubricious of reinforced material notes model machine, interlining to mix the lubricious machine that note model, high speed to shut loop nicety to note model machine, oily report complex formula notes type of model machine, full report to note embryo of bottle of model machine, PET to note model machine, bakelite to record model machine, super- large note model.

The Taipei PLAS 2008, book will in September 18-22 day is held in Taipei, inc. of accurate industry of prosperous and strong Xin exhibits what will have high technology content showpiece to shoot a plane in this, include " mark is stuck to produce a system inside A-PACK model " , " AF series high speed closes loop oily report complex formula shoots a plane " , " energy-saving nicety shoots HT-SV servo a forming machine " , " AD-150 exceeds high speed cap to produce a system " , " full report type is shot. These type have distinguishing feature each, the development trend that also shows an industry at the same time reflects the demand that gives the market.

1.Mark is stuck to produce a system inside A-PACK model

This system will produce cup of frivolous case beverage, system of a complete set of includes include: AF-200 high speed closes loop oily report complex formula nicety shoots a machine, one model mould of hot runner of cup of beverage of 4 acupuncture point, high speed reachs finished product to take out a system for sign system, manufacturing cycle is 6-8 second, if a system is daily 24 hours of ceaseless movement, guard estimation every months producible 1.2 million finished product are used for the client, raise manufacturing efficiency to fine is led and can reduce cost considerably.
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