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Municipal government announces 2008 year list of company of key of advanced equi
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For solid push executive industry " two achieve " times increase a plan, give aid to energetically develop content of science and technology of a batch of products tall, industry takes a movement to develop prospect with strong, market the key of advanced equipment manufacturing industry with banner competition ability of good, industry enterprise, accelerate transition of innovation of industry of stimulative our city and promotion development, basis " a certain number of opinions that develop about accelerating advanced equipment manufacturing industry " file spirit, municipal government released list of company of key of manufacturing industry of advanced equipment of city of 2008 year peaceful wave formally a few days ago:

1 peace Bodongli transmission Inc.
2 peaceful wave the second best plan move limited company of force Electromechanical group
3 peaceful wave glad are amounted to (group) limited company
Equipment of food of happy benefit of 4 peace wave creates limited company
Limited company of group of aircraft of model of sky of sea of 5 peace wave
6 peaceful wave seas are too mechanical group limited company
7 Zhejiang are auspicious car limited company
Dragon of emperor of 8 peace wave (group) limited company
Limited company of front axle of car of leap forward of 9 peace wave
10 Inc. of peaceful wave water meter
11 Inc. of group of peaceful wave SamSung
12 Peaceful wave day installs group Inc.
13 Limited company of fittings of Shen Ling elevator of peaceful wave city
14 Ning Bo flexibly Inc.
15 Ning Bohong amounts to limited company of electric machinery pattern
16 Inc. of science and technology of mould of peaceful wave join forces
17 Peaceful wave Shuang Linmo has limited company
18 Inc. of group of Dong Muxin data
19 Ning Bo assist sincere dynamoelectric tool limited company

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