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Sea day international is announced 2008 metaphase outstanding achievement
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Learn from sea weather firm, one of manufacturer of the aircraft that note model with banner whole world - sea day international accuses a limited company to be announced willingly up to stopped on June 30, 2008 the metaphase outstanding achievement of 6 months.
In the comment the outstanding achievement first half of the year is behaved this year when, sea day international carries out trustee to hold president Mr Zhang Jianming concurrently to point out: "Although face period inside the management environment that is full of a challenge, if American economy growth puts wave motion of delay, oil price, and the raw material such as rolled steel and iron rises in price wait for adverse circumstance, the ability of research and development with the brand advantage by right of itself, powerful group and outstanding product quality, take likely step, the sale of your group and gross profit are able to maintain moderate growth, increase rate more exceed other the same trade, take leader place firmly. Take leader place firmly..
Up to stopped on June 30, 2008 6 months, sale of sea day international is amounted to make an appointment with a RMB 2.06 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew 9% last year. Gross profit rises 3.4% , to make an appointment with a RMB 568 million yuan, partner should occupy profit to make an appointment with a RMB 263 million yuan, or be equivalent to making an appointment with every gain RMB 16.4 minutes. The board of directors announces to distribute metaphase dividend celestial being of every 6.5 harbor.
Review period inside, because suffer American economy to put crude oil of delay, whole world and value of plastic raw material,rise urgently, of new labor law of the macroscopical adjusting control that China strengthens continuously and inland carry out wait for an influence, halfway enterprise (especially small and medium sized business) cut down capital spending subsequently, bring about small-sized tonnage (500 tons or the following) the machine that note model slow down in demand. The group adjusts the combination of the product, strengthen extend the product with higher gross profit, be aimed at with medium, large tonnage (500 tons of above) the content that the machine that note model gives priority to flows, car and electric equipment get the industry with inferior influence, grow in order to retain business.
The negative effect that brings to deal with the raw material price such as rolled steel and iron to rise considerably, the group is divided through raising profit margin outside the sort of more expensive product, the high yield that return tone tastes price about 6% , take reduce expenditure step actively, thereby pressure of countervail part cost. The wool interest rate of the group only relatively the corresponding period is small last year drop 1.5 percent come 27.6% .
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