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From know of bureau of trade of the classics outside city Ning Bo exports famous
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The reporter learns from bureau of trade of the classics outside city, new round " Zhejiang exports famous brand " and " Ning Bo exports famous brand " choose declare the job to be started formally, the enterprise can be in charge of a branch to declare to trade of the classics outside place, come to ended on July 20.

According to introducing, the conditional cent that chooses this is qualificatory condition and evaluation index two parts, former for requirement, latter is standards of grading. Always register lawfully inside peaceful wave city, have corporate organization and successive 3 years above exports outstanding achievement, successive gain of 3 years of above, go up year is self-supporting exit forehead not under 9 million dollar (farming the exit forehead of by-product export business not under 5 million dollar) , the quality that passes through through international manages systematic attestation, will nearly 3 years not have violate the enterprise that violates compasses act badly to be able to attend declare. Declare an enterprise declare category commodity to be in home and main export country the market all already registered trade mark.

As we have learned, the exit famous brand of the our city breeds the job to go in countrywide front row, product of brand of whole 2007 town exports specific gravity to achieve 20 % .

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