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"Database of patent of Chinese model machine " the project is evaluated through
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By Ning Bo science and technology of division of city Yin state develops company, Ningbo limited company of representative of Hua Zhi intellectual property is joint of research and development " database of patent of Chinese model machine " project, on August 15, 2008, in Ning Bo east Qian Hu sanded village crossed false hotel to pass an expert to evaluate. Expert group visits town of intellectual property bureau, peaceful wave by bureau of national intellectual property, Zhejiang the delegate composition of the unit such as intellectual property bureau and guild of plastic machinery of peaceful wave city.

Evaluation is met on, task group introduced task project approving to the expert, model machine industry is relevant document data collect, industry patent database is built, company of patent of model machine industry is pilot, patent of industry of the machine that reach model serves platform to try moving state. Think project research and development was achieved book a target. Of database of patent of model machine industry build, will right industry of machine of our country model and strategy of patent of industry of machine of peaceful wave model are advanced have positive effect, pass the retrieval of patent to model machine industry database, statistic and analysis, be helpful for discovering the core technology of model machine industry distributings, the technology develops the patent of company of important model aircraft in trend and industry to file a case, be helpful for promoting a trade the protection of own innovation and intellectual property.

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